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Policy Principles

The American Critical Minerals Association supports the growth of a domestic supply chain for critical minerals through common-sense federal policies that will ensure the nation’s economy and national security are no longer reliant on adverse nations for the supply, processing, and recycling of these strategic materials. Such policies should advance a sustainable and independent future for the American critical minerals industry and advance U.S.-based critical mineral processing and recycling capacity for the benefit of multiple sectors, including but not limited to the defense, transportation, aerospace, energy, and manufacturing sectors. ACMA seeks to ensure that federal policies:

  • Provide a whole-of-government approach that recognizes the reality of the existing U.S. critical mineral supply chain

  • Prioritize policies that create greater certainty for U.S. producers, processors, and recyclers

  • Promote investment in alternative materials production capabilities and recycling capacity

  • Create permitting certainty for the mining and processing of critical minerals in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner

  • Bolster and advance the interests of U.S. national security

  • Ensure efficient and timely allocation of funding and other financial incentives that can help enable the development, deployment, and scaling of processing, refining and recycling capacity in the United States

  • Support effective implementation of the advanced manufacturing production tax credit and other incentives that support our nation’s manufacturing capabilities and advancement of a strong U.S. critical minerals supply chain

  • Encourage greater collaboration and partnerships with the private sector, allies, and international organizations in support of new opportunities to secure a critical minerals supply chain in a manner that promotes and protects U.S. economic, environmental, human rights and national security interests and goals

  • Foster a greater understanding of the opportunities and challenges surrounding the potential for critical mineral resources to be reclaimed and recycled from end-of-life products, including through

  • Broaden data collection and analysis of technological barriers to provide a more comprehensive analysis of the sector

  • Incentivize domestic recycling initiatives across multiple agencies for the reclamation and reuse of critical minerals from end-of-life products across the economy

  • Advance workforce development proposals to ensure our nation’s next generation of workers is prepared to meet the future needs of our domestic manufacturing sector

Areas of Focus

Federal Funding

National & Economic Security

Permitting Reform & Sustainability



Workforce Development

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