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This is ACMA

Incentivizing, scaling and securing U.S. critical minerals processing and recycling capacity


Critical minerals are certain minerals or mineral materials determined by the government as essential to our economy and national security, and whose supply may be subject to costly disruptions.  While the criticality of a particular mineral or mineral material may change over time, these resources are necessary to the manufacturing of products in virtually every sector of the United States economy. 

As the United States works alongside allies and friends to build a more independent, diverse, and secure supply for critical minerals, it is imperative that our federal government adopts policies that recognize the unique nature of critical minerals in global markets and the importance of diversification of supply. 

ACMA’s mission is to provide a unified voice for industry to advance common-sense bipartisan policies that will sustainably grow the United States’ critical minerals supply chain - for tomorrow and decades to come. 


The U.S. is 100% reliant on imports for at least 12 key critical minerals 


50% increase in critical minerals needed for a new unit of power generation capacity since 2010


4000% increase in demand for critical minerals used for EV batteries 

920 lbs.

The rare earth materials required for a single F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter


As of August 2023, China exports of germanium and gallium fell to zero

Added to the US economy from critical minerals in 2022

$320 billion+

$3.4 trillion

The estimated value of minerals tailing storage facilities worldwide

1.4 trillion tons

Of battery materials available for recycling worldwide by 2030

ACMA is a nonprofit association administered by Cornerstone Government Affairs. We are committed to protecting and advancing the interests of the U.S. critical minerals sector, with a particular focus on advancing domestic processing and recycling capabilities. Our leadership and team members have a strong understanding of the policies and programs most impactful to the sector. Coupled with political expertise and relationships with key decisionmakers that are shaping the policy environment for a more secure and independent critical minerals supply chain, ACMA has rapidly positioned itself as a leading voice of advocacy across the federal government.

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